HRmaps talent highlighter

A solution dedicated to HR processus of your Company

SaaS Solution

Simple to use, Configurable



An integrated platform for RH process

talent highlighter

HR MAPS aims at managing HR process of your company. You have a clear and easy view of your HR data. Our solution is composed of 4 integrated functional blocks which give you a strategic view on your human capital

SaaS solution, Simple, Easy, configurable

HR MAPS is a solution to help you make decisions to manage your human capital


Evaluate your collaborators to identify talents


Attract and retain best collaborators


Manage your collaborators' career path depending on your company's evolution


Develop all talents to reach your strategic objectives

HRmaps your tool
to manage talents

HRmaps is a solution designed to meet all your talent management needs, whatever your business, or your HR policy. You develop your human capital and retain your employees with an open tool and a permanent support. Adapted to all needs it offers a comprehensive solution all in one, easy to use.

The simplicity

Quick to set up and configure, our solution is easy to use. Accessible from tablets or smartphones, it meets the requirements of each employee!

An answer for every need

A solution well suited for your HR processes. Employees can access their personalized portal. Fully customizable, our application suits everyone's needs!

A comprehensive solution!

A single software platform organized around business requirements. We offer 4 independent functional modules that can be activated on demand independently!

Tools for decision making

Take strategic decisions based on reports and charts organized by dashboards! Tools until then reserved for very large companies, allow you to make your decisions!


Detecting the potential of each!
The company consists of a human capital rich of skills and qualifications. Each actor brings real added value in the company's life. Identify and assess talent will place the right employee in the right place!
HRmaps offers a simple solution through the Measure module to assess the company's talents and optimize your human resources management in harmony with your business strategy.

Solution Benefits
Achieve Mapping of your company's strategic skills and optimize your recruitment by identifying the talent you need to achieve your professional goals.
With our solution, you are able:
-To Identify the skills you have and optimize them ;
-To recruit the right profiles by creating customized forms and involving employees in the recruitment process…

Attract and retain the best talent!
A competitive company that wants to differentiate itself is one that involves and develop human capital. With HR MAPS, your managers are empowered and take control of their careers. They are involved in the talent management process.

Take care of your new employees
Good integration is an essential step to ensure the growth and development of the talents of your employees. By involving your human resources, you improve productivity and develop a sense of belonging which is kee to your business.

Solution Benefits
HRmaps HR is a simple to use solution that allows you :
-Attract best potential and recruiting;
-Imply your employees in the company's performance;
Retain your talent a guarantee of your performance!



Plan the development of your resources within your company!
An optimized management career has advantages for both your employees and the company. HR + MAPS is a solution for succession planning and development of high potentials.

Solution Benefits
You are sure to have the right skills in the right place
You develop loyalty of your potential career planning
You anticipate departures and your company's developments

Develop the talents of your employees!
Motivated employees help increase business productivity. You can develop talent by optimizing the training policy (organization and financing). Our solution empowers your employees in their choice of training. So you optimize your training and bring to your employees the value they want for their careers.

Solution Benefits
The employees feel involved and improve their performance!
They are more sensitive to their interests and require training to improve their productivity



HRmaps is a solution that optimizes the management of your company's HR processes.


It allows you to be successful and to gain competitive advantage!

Easy to use

It is an intuitive tool without installation. There is no question of wasting time learning to use it. Its settings are simple and you can quickly learn to use. Do not waste your time on HR tasks with low added value. The software takes care of everything!

You involve and motivate

You involve your employees in managing their careers and you develop their loyalty. They support their career and can reduce gaps with appropriate training. You Empower your employees in their choice of training.

Optimize your resources

By identifying the talents that make up your business, you can increase their value and improve performance. You strengthen the development potential through skills assessment and you detect high potentials.

You manage your recruitment

Managers more involved in the process of integration and skills transfer. By delivering powerful dashboards, you can optimize your job interviews.

Support Tool Decision

You get a tool that offers advanced features to build strategic dashboards. You take quick and effective decisions based on objective data.

You develop talents

View map of strategic skills of your employees to identify individual talents and weaknesses to improve,. You can choose a customized training plan to improve employee productivity.

A secure tool

HRmaps provides controlled access to each employee who can customize interfaces according to their needs. It is possible to set the privacy of every dashboard with a semantic adaptation of the interface.

Better Career Management

By highlighting the talent of each, you develop potentials. You make sure of the continuity of key functions (retirement, mobility, risk management). Optimize human resources having the right person in the right place.


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